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Sally Fox has been breeding and growing organic cotton since 1982. Through classical plant breeding, she’s developed varieties of cottons whose lint grows in shades of brown and green that can be machine spun. Her brown cotton varieties are as flame resistant as wool. I am personally dedicated to a sustainable approach to agriculture. All of the cotton from my plant breeding nursery is certified organic. Changes in farming practices did take many years, but the farmers now growing the cotton have adopted organic methods. My goal to develop organic methods that are suitable for large-scale production of FoxFibre cotton has been achieved. PRODUCTS: Organic Cotton Yarn-Socks-Fabric-Organic Wool Yarn. (10% Discount)

IMAGINE Green Wear knits its fabric in South Carolina using 100% certified organic yarn, and cut/sews and decorates in its new 40,000 sq.ft. facility in Fairfax VA. Water is heated using energy from solar panels produced by solar panel. The building is cooled by a geo-thermal water system. The facility is one of theenest textile printing and dyeing factories in the country. IMAGINE GreenWear is going back to the time when fabric prints were made with dyes, before the invention of modern screen inks. The combination of using certified organic cotton to make our garments and using only eco-friendly dyes for decoration makes our product the greenest in the imprinted sportswear industry. Our products are designed and made in the USA. Despite major ecological concerns of modern textile manufacturing and processing, clothing has not generally been on the radar of the Green initiative. IMAGINE GreenWear believes that sustainable clothing manufacturing is now becoming noticed, and will continue to do so with fresh fashion ideas. If the style is right, it just feels good to wear or buy organic clothes. By offering an alternative to screen printing inks, IMAGINE GreenWear can make a difference in the industry which prints millions of images daily. Our dye printing process is very different than the inks used on all t-shirts and sportswear which have serious environmental and health concerns. The dyes we use are super soft and washable, and safe for the most delicate skin and the environment. Our goal is to set a new standard for greener printed and dyed apparel, which blends cutting edge design with a process that is the most environmentally friendly product in the market. Custom, event or corporate items are available at competitive prices. PRODUCTS: Baby-Kids-Women-Men.  (15% Discount)

Silver Needle & Thread is a full service custom sewing, dressmaking and fashion design company. We provide sewing services to cover all the stages of your life to include, but not limited to: infant, kids, adult, bridal, special occasion, lounge and sleepwear and basic home needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with well constructed garments using the fabric, colors and styles they desire. We specialize in organic and natural fabrics offering organic cotton, organic hemp, organic linen, organic wool, vegan and peace silk, raw silk, soy and many blends. We take pride in sourcing a large amount of our fabrics from the United States. We also seek out fair trade fabrics supporting small farmers abroad. Many of our fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified the highest certification for textiles today. Our style selection is huge and our color options include hundreds of different shades offering you unimagined choices for creating a truly one-of-a-kind wardrobe or special garment. The company is Green AmericaGreen approved and a member of the NEFL Green Chamber. The company sits on local green business panels, provides organic traveling fashion shows and offers public speaking to organizations, businesses and groups wanting to educate members about the toxicity of textiles and the harmful effects of disposable fashion. The owner has over forty years of professional sewing experience and is also the Creator of CATA. PRODUCTS: Full Wardrobe Service-Women and Kids-Fabric-Baby-Nursery-Color and Body Analysis-100% Pure Makeup-Intimate Apparel.  (10% Discount on fabrics and in stock garments only)

Vreseis Limited was formed in 1986 to sell the products of the breeding program to support it’s expenses. Foxfibre® Colorganic® are the trademarks used to describe the cottons bred by Owner Sally Fox. Sales and donations support this organic breeding program in one way or another. PRODUCTS: Socks-Fabric-Yarn.  (10% Discount)

Wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are a major contributor to the 13.1 million tons of textile waste discarded each year in America. Over 94% of wedding attire is made using toxic synthetic fabric that never completely decomposes. From start to finish to discard these garments harm our environment in a significant way, starting with the chemicals used to produce the fiber, the toxic and harmful dyes, finishes and disposal. Tag Custom Bridal is a full service bridal company offering custom sewn one-of-a-kind organic and natural fiber wedding attire for the entire bridal party. The company has over forth-two years of experience sewing made to measure wedding gowns and dresses for special occasion. Tag is the only bridal company of it's kind focused on providing the bride with a complete organic experience. We use organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, vegan and peace silks to create our gowns. The company is a member of The Green Bride Guide, Green People and The NE Florida Green Chamber. It's owner actively participates in mentoring programs, local charities, educational seminars, green festivals and panel discussions relating to sustainability and eco friendly textile manufacturing. All of our fabric scraps are recycled and donated to either other companies or charities for repurposing.  PRODUCTS: Bridal-Special Occasion-Prom.  (10% on fabrics and in stock garments only)

Fed By Threads set out to inspire change & get us back to the roots of what America stands for: generosity, community, feeding the hungry, and making real goods for our national economy. Let's stop outsourcing jobs. Let's stop destroying the environment. Let's stop blaming the hungry for being hungry. We sacrifice profits to feed hungry Americans, revitalize U.S. garment manufacturing to create jobs, & use sustainable fabrics to protect our environment. That is why Fed By Threads is the first and only humanitarian, sustainable, US-made clothing line & store in America that feeds 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans from each item sold. Fed By Threads is committed to the global body-positivity movement dedicated to building healthy self-esteem in the women, girls, men, and boys who come to shop at our store. The co-founders, Jade and Alok, also started A Beautiful Body Project, based on Jade's photography of women without airbrushing and digital augmentation which went viral around the world. PRODUCTS: Baby-Kids-Women-Men-Accessories.  (10% Discount)