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About Organic Clothing-Store
​The Organic Clothing Store/CATA was created with the purpose to connect conscious organic apparel consumers with organic clothing companies nationwide while creating a resource and providing an opportunity to save. The transition from toxic and chemically filled apparel to organic clothing can be overwhelming and quite expensive. We talked with business owners and CEO’s, discussing their goals, as well as their mission. We found out what they were actively doing now to ensure the integrity of their products. Several of the companies we reached out to mailed samples of their products and informative marketing materials for our review. We liked how well we connected to each company, understood their missions and saw active consciousness displayed, and so we continued on.

CATA Affiliated Companies know the origin and history of their products. Many work along side the farmers and artisans who create the products. Our partners and affiliates strive to create transparency practice sustainability while doing business everyday and consider the consequences of every business decision. They work hard to create innovative products while seeking pure, clean and safe alternatives to the toxic fashion we know today. CATA associated companies demand quality and are pioneering the movement towards responsible creative fashion.

The creation and launch of CATA happened quickly because of the innovative vision and pioneering spirit of a few companies. We are grateful for the following companies who chose to honor the CATA pledge right from the beginning: Foxfibre, Vreseis Limited, Fed by Threads , Tag Custom Bridal, Imagine Green Wear and Silver Needle & Thread. The value in connecting the organic apparel industry is boundless; these companies recognize it and wanted to contribute. To offer consumers a 10% - 15% discount in order to convert their lifestyle to organic is definitely a move in the right direction towards sustainability and increasing the demand for organic apparel. We invite you to stay connected , follow us and share our story - we will be adding new companies often as they choose to honor the pledge.  

So many consumers have no idea how stylish organic clothing can be and shy away from the idea. CATA is showing you the style in order to help you make the change. Consumers now have choices they never knew existed along with the opportunity to save and explore their style for one full year. It’s a situation where everyone wins. We won’t stop spreading the word until every household in America is informed that they do have choices when it comes to buying organic, natural, pure, clean and safe clothing. When you wear organic you’re improving and protecting your health, reducing the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing, cleaning up our waterways around the world, reducing air pollution, slowing the rate of climate change and allowing our precious planet to heal. We invite you to Wear the Change. Wear Organic. Change your life and take the CATA Pledge today.

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